Operating from offices in Las Vegas and Singapore, TechJet Aviation functions as a conduit for General Aviation around the world.  Our strong relationships in the West coupled with years of transacting across Asia gives us a unique understanding of the General Aviation landscape and allows us to achieve unparalleled value on behalf of our clients.  Featuring three core competencies, our aviation brokerage, consulting and special mission services offer a range of capabilities which can be leveraged to enhance all aspects of our customers general aviation operations.  

Whether you're an experienced operator or entering General Aviation for the first time, TechJet can provide quantifiable results and positively influence every aspect of your aviation operations.  With deep industry experience, an unparalleled network and a proven track record in successful aircraft transactions, TechJet Aviation brings a fresh, data driven perspective on how to acquire, sell and execute within business aviation.


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Whether buying or selling, TechJet Aviation maximizes value.  Regardless of region, we understand the unique drivers that move markets and impact the price of your aircraft.  Using data analytics and proprietary software, we will provide a pictorial view.  You’ll understand the micro and macroeconomic forces that are influencing the value of your aircraft over time.  Utilizing this data, we will help you filter through the noise to help you make the best decisions based on the realities of today’s market.  

Understanding market drivers only works when you have relationship resources which can help deploy the information.  We have the right relationships.  Data coupled with relationships gives TechJet the edge when negotiating your deal.  Let us use our skills to empower you!  Enhance your understanding, strengthen your negotiating position, buy right with TechJet.

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There  is a clear correlation between successful companies and the use of aircraft. These top companies have demonstrated the mobility, reliability, security and control that business aviation offers, and giving them a competitive edge in today's intensely competitive market. 

TechJet’s independent aviation consulting team is a leader in end-to-end aviation services that are geared to help take advantage of that competitive edge. We leverage our industry knowledge, bringing hands-on experience and innovative approaches to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your aviation interests.

By understanding your challenges and needs, we bring insightful perspectives combined with practical recommendations and solutions. We help you successfully implement customised solutions and benefit from the advanced thinking of our professional team. 


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