Aircraft Sales

Aircraft Sales

When it’s time to sell your aircraft, no one can ensure that you achieve the highest possible value like TechJet. With strong relationships across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and the United States, we do business in every major aircraft market.  

Utilize our Aircraft Evaluator tools to better understand the value of your aircraft and the anticipated sale price based on region.  Receive upfront costing and proceed with a clear understanding the of the variables which can impact your sale.  


Aircraft Sourcing

Aircraft sourcing

Buying an aircraft is a complex process made easy with TechJet.  Utilize our mission evaluator service to understand the range of aircraft that fit your unique mission requirement.  Subscribe to our consulting service to achieve the data necessary to make an informed purchase decision.  

Our consulting services include, Aircraft Valuation, Operational Cost Projections, Fleet planning / Optimization, Resource Allocation & Management Structure Planning, Performance Management, Asset Management, Flight Dept Health Check.  We will provide the unbiased pros/cons of every option so that you can make the best decision for your future operation.

Aircraft Contracting


When it comes time to purchase your aircraft, you can benefit from our turnkey contracting and escrow service.  Partnering with reputable legal service providers around the world, your aircraft purchase agreement meets industry standards and covers the necessary contingencies to mitigate risk.  

Partnering with Insured Aircraft Title Service in Oklahoma City, OK USA, your aircraft title is insured and funds are escrowed safely to ensure a timely, fair, efficient closing with title transfer. 


Aircraft Delivery & Inspection

Delivery & Inspection

Understanding what you’re buying is key to eliminating surprises when your take ownership of your new aircraft.  TechJet will ensure that a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection is completed at a reputable service center.  

We will review the findings and negotiate a satisfactory completion of work and elimination of squawks.  TechJet and its partner organizations will deliver your aircraft anywhere in the world offering you a one stop shop once the transaction has concluded.


Aircraft Pre-owned Inventory

Pre-owned Inventory

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