TechJet Aviation understands Special Mission integration and application.  With integrator relationships around the world, we will help you fit the best mission systems to the most optimal aircraft platform to carry payloads at the most affordable price.  Whether acquisition or lease, TechJet Aviation has the technical know how and the industry connections to help you navigate the complex world of Special Mission fit out and delivery.  Our capabilities include......



Policing | Anti-terrorism | Drug Interdiction | Early Warning & Control | Resource Management

Special Mission - Aerial Surveillance

We work with a wide variety of institutions to provide aviation solutions to enable Federal, State and Local governments to protect their borders, enforce laws and deploy resources effiiciently in the event of a crisis.  


Aerial Photography | Mapping | Government Survey | Pipeline Review | Powerline Review | Forestry Services

Special Mission - Aerial Survey

Today’s mapping systems give individuals and governments the power the power to make educated decisions like never before.  Let TechJet Aviation show you how!


High Density Seating | Cargo Doors | High- Float Gear | STOL Kits | Payload Extenders | ER Tanks

Special Mission - Utility Aircraft

Moving supplies and equipment cannot always be done efficiently using commercial services.  Perhaps you need help finding an aircraft that can carry specific loads over a given distance.  TechJet Aviation has the solution!



Stretcher Configurations | Multi-Patient Systems | Aero-medical Loaders

Special Mission - Air Ambulance

With multiple stretcher designed and interior layouts, the world of Air Ambulance can be a confusing space.  Our experience working with some of the largest aero-med operators in the world can help you identify the right systems to place on your aircraft.  


Airways | Navaids | ILS | TACAN | VOR | DME | NDB | RNAV | RNP | GNSS

Special Mission - Flight Inspection

Working with our integration partners, we can help you procure and modify the perfect aircraft to complete your navigation systems calibration and maintain a safe operating environment for all users of your aviation infrastructure.

Weather Modification

Feasibility Studies | Advanced Weather Detection | Cloud Seeing | Flare Racks 

Special Mission - Weather Modification

Weather Modification has taken on a new sense of urgency as communities both urban and rural fight to influence the weather around them.  TechJet Aviation can help you source and deploy the Weather Modification platform that suits your budget and ensures efficient use of limited funds.



Maritime Patrol | Search & Rescue | Environmental Enforcement | Fisheries Patrol | Fire Patrol | Economic Enforcement

Special Mission - Maritime Patrol

TechJet Aviation can help you enforce!  Whether you are working to protect your fisheries, intercept and fine eco-violators or simply enforce your economic rights, we can help equip you with the tools to succeed.  


Part 142 Schools | High Performance | Commerical Airline | Multi-Engine Jet Transition

Special Mission - Flight Training

From airlines to governments to general aviation, the industry must begin creating the next generation of pilots today.  TechJet will identify the best aircraft to suit your training scheme and move your students through the system as efficiently as possible.